Hi, We are Keko Studio!
My name is Cat and I am the founder of Keko Studio.
Keko Studio has been on a massive journey from my first sparks of ideas, development and now the range you see today!
Keko Studio was born out of the idea of feeling good when wearing clothing.
As an emotional dresser I always know when I have that perfect piece in my wardrobe that makes me feel good, confident, and happy when I wear it, but I struggled to find things like this.
So I designed my own. 
A bold printed, detailed and versatile collection designed to be styled differently and worn by all shapes and sizes, all expressing themselves beautifully and differently and to make them feel good.
If we feel good when we are wearing our clothes, we glow from within!
Keko Studio wants to represent all of our customers of every skin tone, every age, every shape and gender…and how you wear Keko Studio should be celebrated and we want to see you shining bright! Our intention is as you shop on Keko Studio you will see someone that represents you…and you can see yourself in our clothing. 
This is one of our core values and we want to continue to add new faces and be truly inclusive as we grow.
This is not a trend, it is our core. 
We want to see you rocking our clothing just as we imagined!
And we are so soo soooo grateful for this thank you!
We ask that when you wear Keko Studio, you pass on your good vibes whenever and however you can.
When you dress in something that feels good, you radiate feel good energy.  This is wearing your happiness….its also contagious! If you feel good others around you will also feel wonderful too. 
These clothes are made with attention to detail, with little touches that bring versatility to how they are worn, different from the ordinary and made to be worn many ways. You will find reversible collars that button off or adaptable features giving multiple ways of wearing them. 
To give you longevity with your sustainable Keko Studio piece.
We will also run new and exciting prints in the same styles, if you have found your shape or style you can find it in a new print or fabric.
We create kind, happy clothing, carefully crafted to make you feel your best, not just because our garments are gorgeous but because they are ethically made and environmentally conscious.
We are a brand trying to make a difference by not using plastic where possible. We have gone to many lengths to avoid single use plastics. We believe small steps, make big differences.
Our garments are made using high quality, ecological fabrics and processes. Locally sourced fabric mills, trims to all our factories helping reduce our carbon footprint.
We care about making a positive difference for the future of everyone and our planet.
WOW that makes me feel even better when I wear Keko Studio!
When we make positive change, we feel good.
When we feel good, we look good.
Our Debut collection is designed without fast fashion trends.
We followed our own fashionable drum beat and wanted to design shapes that are versatile to our customer and truly design lead, inspired by wonderful things not just trends.
Firstly, designing a dress collection of seven key shapes that are adaptable and will stay in your wardrobe for years to come.
Co-ords so you can wear them with many pieces in the range and style differently.
Sports items that actually make you smile while you work out or lounge about.
Each and every piece is named or inspired by a legend in music or film, inspired by films and music of the 1960s. 70s and 80s, my wonderful family and friends. The feel good spirits and cosmic wonders of the planet, a sense of humour and the music that makes us feel good and the love and kindness we all deserve was given in to designing and making this collection.
This is where the best bit comes in…
We want to celebrate you, your femininity or your masculinity or your gorgeous fluidity, your curves, your passions, your creativity, your good energy (that’s so important) and above all, inspire that beautiful you to rock that look inside and out. 
Thank you so much for reading about us and being a part of our very first voyage into the world of looking and feeling amazing whatever your age, size or shape, style, skin tone, gender or how your express yourself. Be colourful, confident and remarkable and  stand-out, you look wonderful.
We are a brand here for everyone, and in the words of Madonna “Express yourself, respect yourself”, “Express what you got, baby ready or not, Express yourself”
Thank you again.
I can’t wait to see you in it!
Lots of love,
Designer and Creative founder